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Welcome to ANS Construction LLC, your trusted source for top-quality concrete contracting services in South Jersey. We are a team of experienced and skilled professionals dedicated to providing you with the highest level of craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

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Asphalt parking lot by ANS Construction LLC

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Woolwich Township, located in Gloucester County, New Jersey, is a thriving community that has experienced significant population growth and is undergoing remarkable economic development. This article aims to provide an overview of Woolwich Township, covering its geography, economy, and sense of community.


Nestled in Gloucester County, Woolwich Township boasts a picturesque location in the heart of New Jersey. The township is characterized by its diverse landscape, encompassing both rural charm and suburban convenience. Woolwich Township is spread across an area of land, with a population density of 596.9 people per square mile[3]. The township enjoys a well-connected road network, including major highways, providing convenient transportation options for residents and businesses.


Woolwich Township has a robust and diverse economy that contributes to its growth and prosperity. The township is home to a variety of businesses, with a total of 134 employer establishments within its borders[2]. These businesses span various sectors, including retail, healthcare, professional services, and manufacturing. The presence of these establishments provides employment opportunities for the local population, contributing to a thriving job market.

The median household income in Woolwich Township is $127,450, and the per capita income stands at $49,002[2]. These figures indicate a healthy economic environment where residents can enjoy a comfortable standard of living. Furthermore, the poverty rate in the township is impressively low at 5.9%[2]. The combination of a strong economy and low poverty rates reflects the prosperity and well-being of the community.


Woolwich Township takes great pride in its strong sense of community and its residents’ quality of life. According to the latest population estimates, the township is home to 13,260 people [2]. This vibrant community thrives on diversity, with a racial composition comprising 75.3% White, 15.2% Black or African American, and 5.4% Asian residents[2]. The diversity within the community fosters a rich cultural tapestry and encourages a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

Education is highly valued in Woolwich Township, served by the Swedesboro-Woolwich School District and the Kingsway Regional School District[1]. These districts provide excellent educational opportunities for students, ensuring their academic growth and success. A strong emphasis on education further strengthens the sense of community by fostering a knowledgeable and engaged population.

Beyond education, Woolwich Township offers its residents numerous recreational opportunities and amenities. The township boasts several parks, green spaces, and sports facilities, providing ample outdoor activities and community events opportunities. These spaces serve as gathering points for residents to come together, fostering a sense of camaraderie and community spirit.

In conclusion, Woolwich Township, New Jersey, is a flourishing community that thrives on its unique blend of geography, economy, and community spirit. Its diverse landscape, coupled with a strong and diverse economy, creates a prosperous environment for businesses and residents alike. The township’s strong sense of community, educational institutions, and recreational amenities contribute to its residents’ high quality of life. Woolwich Township is a shining example of a well-rounded and vibrant community in the heart of Gloucester County, New Jersey.

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They repaved our parking lot they did an excellent job. The quality and professionalism was 10 stars. I searched paving contractors in south Jersey and they came up as a first choice they fit me right in being I needed this in a timely manner.

Victoria Shiles

ANS Concrete was great to work with. Adam was very responsive during the planning and scheduling of the project. He is also very knowledgeable about the work he does and was able to confidently answer all my questions. I would absolutely use ANS again for future projects. Great company.

Alexander Boogaard

We could not be more pleased with the work performed by Adam and his crew. He is a genuinely friendly guy who runs a tidy and punctual team. He listened to what we wanted, made excellent suggestions to help us achieve our project goals, and did not try to up-sell us anything we did not want. Our concrete patio looks amazing and drains perfectly. We will be recommending ANS to our family and friends.

The Smedberg Family
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